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Berwick Secondary College

Berwick Secondary College is situated in the outer Melbourne metropolitan suburb of Berwick. Until recently, it was the largest single campus government secondary college in Victoria. The College’s official motto is We Shall Grow, however recently adopted another motto which symbolises what the school hopes to achieve: Excellence in learning, Positive Relationships, and Personal Growth. The school consists of approximately 1500 students and 200 teachers, principals and aides.

Berwick Secondary College exists to promote excellence in education and see students fulfill their potential. A broad, challenging curriculum caters for individual needs and prepares students for further education, the workforce and society. The College aims to promote independent thinking, acceptance of responsibility, adaptability, respect for others and a tolerance of individual differences, whilst maintaining a safe, supportive environment for all students and staff.

Our Values

Excellence in Learning
Berwick Secondary College fosters the pursuit of knowledge and skills. We strive to do our best, we consider new ideas and encourage best practice, and we select our learning opportunities.

Positive Relationships
Berwick Secondary College uses democratic processes in its decision making and promotes social justice and equality of opportunity. We treat others with consideration and understanding, we are truthful and trustworthy, and we work with others.

Personal Growth
Berwick Secondary College values the unique qualities of each person and accepts their worth as individuals. We meet our expectations, we are accountable for our actions and we work with effort, energy and persistence.

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  • Berwick Secondary College - photo
  • Berwick Secondary College - photo

Contact Details

Berwick Secondary College

Manuka Road Berwick VIC 3806