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Diamond Valley College

The foundations of our college community are the agreed values of Respect, Excellence and Responsibility. The values and behaviours are the result of collaborative work by all students, staff and many parents. We promote these values constantly through our daily interactions. We involve students in building the learning community by providing opportunities to participate in decision making, to exercise leadership, conduct college activities and work on civic tasks in the local community.

Courteous, respectful and supportive relationships amongst students, and between students and staff, are a feature of the College. Work with pastoral groups and student groups emphasises the development of a supportive and positive school culture where students feel free to express themselves and achieve their best. A Student Leadership Program operates at all levels and the Student Representative Council provides a meaningful voice in college decision making processes.

Expectations about student behaviour are high. All teachers develop a Classroom Management Plan within the framework of the College Code of Conduct. Expectations and consequences are clearly communicated, and the rules are consistently and firmly enforced. Where difficulties arise we offer practical support to parents and students and we ensure that communication is open and honest.

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Diamond Valley College

165-179 Main Hurstbridge Road Diamond Creek VIC 3089